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     Foie gras terrine », fig jam and toasts.                                                16.00 €

     Roasted scallops and artichoke, champagne sabayon.                        19.00 €

     Red mullet in spicy cold marinade, raspberry jelly

     and pulp of prunes and a small toasted bread.                                    18.00 €


     Risotto with ceps and pan-fried bass.                                                22.00 €

     Poached monkfish, Jerusalem artichoke and parsnip velouté.             22.00 €


     Rack of lamb, mashed potatoes with hazelnut.                                    22.00 €

     Roasted filet of veal, chanterelles, mashed pumpkin

     and cooking juices.                                                                            22.00 €


     Trilogy of cheese and salad.                                                              7.50 €

                                                           DESSERTS                                  7.50 €

To be ordered at the beginning of the meal


     Crispy biscuits, ganache and chocolate mousse, poached pear and sirup.

     Pineapple fried in half salted butter, flambéed with rum,

     lime caramel, rum and raisin ice.

     Passion fruit zabaglione with roasted mango,

     pineapple stewed with dark rum and coconut crisp biscuit.



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